How To Join

Joining the ADDA

Lineal and Lateral Membership requires submission of a membership application with all necessary documentation. All who meet the necessary requirements for membership and pay their dues are considered to be in good standing.

To submit an application, click on the 'DOWNLOAD ADDA Application' link below. Fill out the form electronically and click the 'Submit' button in the top right corner. (NOTE: You do not have to sign it when initally e-mailing it).

Once received, the Registrar will print it and mail it to your home address. You will then sign it, attach your required documentation and mail everything back to finalize your membership.


Remember to Save the PDF to your computer before filling it out.

Save again before submitting. Thank you!

Detailed instructions for filling out the applications are here

Additional Information

If you have additional questions concerning membership, please contact the Registrar via our Contact Form.


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